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How I Got My Start


Jean A Casey

How I Got Started

Jean has over 30 years of distinguished career leading financial accountant, with strong analysis, and reporting for wide range of industries including, banking, healthcare, insurance, software, facilities management, professional services, and manufacturing organizations. Expert in evaluating performance, identifying areas for improvement, and providing actionable recommendations that increase revenues, profits, and cash flows. She has now moved towards the Cannabis accounting niche still serving the small-mid size business owners.


She has been recognized as a trusted advisor with proven accounting and financial management expertise and a solid history of developing and instituting accounting and operational best practices, policies, procedures, and systems that drive efficiency and cost improvements.  


She is also skilled in structuring, developing relations, and a highly competent talented professional. The Cannabis industry needs cannabis specific accountants. 

Jean has expertise in the following areas:

♦Financial Operations Management♦

♦Analysis & Reporting♦

 ♦Budget / P&L Management♦

 ♦Financial Statement Reconciliation♦

 ♦Forecast & Variance Analysis♦

 ♦Financial Policies & Controls♦

♦GAAP Principles and Practice♦

 ♦Treasury, Cash & CAPEX Management♦

 ♦Payroll and payroll taxes (940,941 W-2’s)♦ 

♦Cash Flow Optimization Budgets Set-up♦

 ♦On boarding and Cannabis♦

 ♦CBD Cleanups 280e and 471 Compliance♦ 


♦Profit and Loss♦

♦Cannabis & CBD/Hemp Financial Reports♦ 


♦Quarterly or Yearly internal audits♦ 

♦Implementation of your new accounting software♦ 

♦Business Forecasting / Rolling Cash Forecasts♦ 

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"The Question of Who" 
November 5, 2023

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