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Surbrina A Cameron

How I Got Started


My career spans more than 20 years of varied experience in financial accounting and business leadership. Expertise in day-to-day operations, cross-functional team leadership, tactic implementation, and business improvement planning.  I have provided accurate financial statements, ongoing cash flow projections, inventory controls and internal audit controls over accounting and finance operations. As well as design and maintained the financial reporting structures effectively.  My advice can greatly accelerate a company's effort to document business policies and procedures which becomes instrumental in building business’s, treasury, and shareholder relations as well as meet clients and investor’s expectations. 

I am highly skilled at bringing insight to improve performance and productivity within private, public and nonprofit sectors.  My proficiency is relative and closely guided by GAAP standards which benefits companies in a wide range of industries by evaluating all aspects. Also having the ability to create, design, and execute innovative cross-functional business solutions (areas include: Fixed Assets, Budgets Payroll, Cash Flow Analysis, General Ledger, Finance, Distribution, and Information Technology).

My educational background includes:

* Associates Degree Science- (Marketing & Management) Southwest MS Community College

* Associates Degree Arts - (Accounting) Southwest MS Community College

* Bachelor’s Degree Arts - (Accounting) Delta State University

* Master’s degree - (Business Administration) Delta State University

Surbrina has expertise in the following areas: 


♦Financial Operations Management♦

♦Analysis & Reporting♦

 ♦Budget / P&L Management♦

 ♦Financial Statement Reconciliation♦

 ♦Forecast & Variance Analysis♦

 ♦Financial Policies & Controls♦

♦GAAP Principles and Practice♦

 ♦Treasury, Cash & CAPEX Management♦

 ♦Payroll and payroll taxes (940,941 W-2’s)♦ 

♦Cash Flow Optimization Budgets Set-up♦


♦Profit and Loss♦


♦Quarterly or Yearly internal audits♦ 

♦Implementation of your new accounting software♦ 

♦Business Forecasting / Rolling Cash Forecasts♦

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